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Robert Osbourne

The death of Robert Osbourne, who sadly passed away on Monday, for many people felt more like the death of a friend or family member than a television host. Osbourne was the face of Turner Classic Movies for over 20 years and for many people (myself included) Osbourne was a personal guide to finding and falling in love with hundreds of classic films.

Turner Classic Movies General Manager Jennifer Doria made the following statement about Osbourne’s impact on fans. “Robert was embraced by devoted fans who saw him as a trusted expert and friend. His calming presence, gentlemanly style, encyclopedic knowledge of film history, fervent support for film preservation and highly personal interviewing style all combined to make him a truly world-class host. Robert’s contributions were fundamental in shaping TCM into what it is today and we owe him a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid.”

Below are just a few of the lovely tributes to Robert Osbourne from Twitter.

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