Montana Classic Film Screenings

Below are places to find classic film screenings throughout Montana. If you know of a theater that screens classic films in Montana that is not included in this list email us at

Montana Classic Film Screenings


Billings Public Library

Occasionally screens classic films


Missoula Public Library

Occasionally screens classic films

The Roxy Theater

Screens classic films on some Saturdays

Classic film screenings on this site are described broadly – if a theater screens a film made before 1990 even a few times a year they qualify. Film festivals that may occur in multiple theaters and film societies that produce classic film events are included in this list as well. You’ll also find many theaters that mostly screen current films but offer classic film screenings either during the summer or on a weekly basis.

When possible we try and highlight information such as if a theater is a restored movie palace, screens classic films regularly, screens silent films, hosts festivals, or has live musical accompaniments. We’re always happy to update our listing with updated information or include photos of venues. Contact us at for any update requests on our Montana classic film screenings page.

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